Mystery Writer Carol Pouliot



Book #2 in the Blackwell and Watson Time-Travel Mysteries

On a sunny spring day in 1934, local lothario Frankie Russo is murdered in broad daylight. It seems no one saw anything, but things are not always what they seem in this small New York town.

Tackling the investigation, Detective Steven Blackwell discovers Frankie’s little black book, a coded list of dozens of flings, affairs, and one-night stands−and a solid motive for the widow. Soon, what appeared to be a straight-forward case gets complicated. A witness goes missing, a second body turns up, the victim’s cousin disappears, and an old flame surfaces. Faced with conflicting pieces of evidence, lies, and false alibis, Steven creates a psychological portrait of the killer. He realizes he’s looking for someone wearing a mask. But the killer is not the only one in disguise.

Two months ago, Steven came face-to-face with 21st-century journalist Olivia Watson when time folded over in the house they share−80 years apart. They’ve experimented within the safety of its walls and proven Einstein was right: there is no past, present, or future. All time exists simultaneously. Now, Steven and Olivia test the boundaries of time travel, risking the exposure of their secret. Olivia travels to Steven’s time, where she is embraced by the community, unaware of who she really is. She unwittingly falls in with Steven’s main suspect, putting her own life in jeopardy.

Can Olivia outsmart a killer before becoming the next victim? Can Steven and Olivia solve the case of the poisoned philanderer in time to protect her true identity and their time-travel secret?


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How can a police procedural be so much fun? Clever and compelling, this intriguing time-traveling puzzle will keep you guessing, keep you turning pages, and have you applauding the talented Carol Pouliot’s juggling skills! Nick & Nora meet Timeless in this entertaining mystery.

Hank Phillippi Ryan, nationally best-selling author of THE MURDER LIST

Plenty of authors create a clever premise, but few create a world so crystal clear that we feel as if we’re a part of it. With a cast of well-crafted characters and a protagonist that charms on every page, Pouliot accomplishes just that in this compelling time-travel mystery that traverses seamlessly between 1934 and the present day.

Judy Penz Sheluk, author of the Glass Dolphin and Marketville Mystery series

Present-day Olivia Watson and Detective Sergeant Steven Blackwell from 1934 have one thing in common. The house they live in is a time portal, allowing either of them to step forward or back into each other’s era. What is at first an experiment in time travel, however, becomes a more serious matter when Olivia inadvertently becomes involved in the case Steven is investigating – the murder of a known philanderer. With delightful twists and turns, Carol Pouliot serves up a delicious tale that is easily devoured. One hopes it is just the start of a long-running series!

Michelle Cox, award-winning author of the Henrietta and Inspector Howard series

A charming mystery with an intriguing premise. A detective from 1934 and an independent modern woman time travel via a door in the house in which they both live – at different times. Can’t wait for the next installment.

Eleanor Kuhns, award-winning author of the Will Rees series and The Shaker Murders

A well written and cleverly plotted mystery with a historical twist

Bruce Robert Coffin, bestselling author of the Detective Byron Mysteries

Carol Pouliot has done it again with her captivating detective duo Steven and Olivia. She’s from the 21st century, he’s from 1934. Together they solve an intriguing murder in 1930’s Central New York.

Rick A. Allen, author of the Star Riders series

Threshold of Deceit takes you on an unforgettable journey merging the present with the past. You are immediately drawn in to the engaging characters and complicated relationships that keep you turning the pages to find out who did it, and what the future might hold for two people from different eras.

Nikki Bonanni, The Killer Coffee Club